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Spirit. Growth. Shenanigans. 

Welcome to my little slice of the universe!

Feel free to schedule a reading, spiritual coaching, shop our store, reach out, learn a bit, or see what we offer! 

I can help you

Please know that your readings are safe and secure with us...

All readings are personal and done in complete confidence.

What is spoken between us stays between us, and no information will be sold or told to a third-party. 

I'm always rooting for my clients and I will root for you too!


So who is Cocoa Kitten Bruja?

Glad you asked!

I am a black mother of 2 who was saved by the universe on July 1, 2018.


That day I woke up and decided that the depression and thoughts of suicide were to no longer define me, my reality, or my future. It was then I decided to begin my spiritual journey. 

Since then I have grown into a better understanding of my role in the universe. I am an advocate for empaths, shadow work, and self-love. These are my passions. I have an affinity for divination through cards while creating high vibrational art and products. I like to think of myself as a spiritual life coach.

My hope is to make an impact on the world through healing and guidance. 

Client Testimonials

"Extremely prompt and incredibly personable. A great experience and I would definitely return for future purchases!"

Whitney Fass

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