A goddess is a divine being of immense femininity. "An entity" of love and compassion and fortitude who shines a light wherever she goes. She is passion, warmth, softness, firm, ethereal, and all encompassing.


A god is a divine being of abundant masculinity. The Divine Masculine is what allows us to "do," to take decisive action, but not aggressive or angry action despite what we might assume. It is masculine energy that unites the world in love and "personal authority." It is "he" who looks out for, protects, and provides for "his" community, family, and those in need.


These specialized resin figures carry a lot of energy within them. Tapping into the power of the divine to align you to the frequency of prosperity. Each one is made with love and light and infused with selenite to amplify the crystals within it. Great for altars, candle work, home decor, and more. Made with a special blend of crystals that work in tandem to the Secure The Bag Modern Money Oracle deck.


Made in two sizes: small (2-2.5”) and large (4”). Please note that multiple large pieces take longer than the standard timeframe to make and ship. Typical cure time is 3-5 days from order date as they are made to order.


**THIS ITEM WORKS AS YOU WORK: My money alignment collection is as potent as your intention, work, and allowance. Magic is within you, my products help make that magic tangible.**

Crystal Gods & Goddesses

  • All sales are final. Colors could be slightly different than what’s pictured, as colors are mixed as the items are ordered. Colors will be as close as humanly possible. As with all resin pieces, bubble can occur. We do our best to get them all out; however, some bubbles are expected. My products work as you work. You are your own magic first. My products are tools to enhance the magic within you.  My products work as you work. The more you align with these intentions, the more they work to help you. You are your own magic first. My products are tools to enhance the magic within you. There are no guarantees with anything.