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Keep your intentions elevated while journaling in this handy little notebook. With three sizes, you can have one that is compact enough to travel, but big enough to keep track of the things you need most, or one that is big enough to take notes in a meeting.


Each one is made with love and light and infused with selenite to amplify the crystals within it. Take the power of scripting to the next level with these notebooks.


**These notebooks feature 3 sizes which are designed for A5, A6, A7 paper sizes which are subject to availability.**


**PLEASE BE ADVISED: This item takes 7-10 days to ship to ensure it is cured properly and is as straight as possible**


**THIS ITEM WORKS AS YOU WORK: My money alignment collection is as potent as your intention, work, and allowance. Magic is within you, my products help make that magic tangible. ALL SALES FINAL**

Prosperity Journal

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