Money is energy, Energy is a vibration; it is time to align to the prosperity that you deserve. This candle is made with 24k gold glitter, Soy wax, an amazing aromatic fragrance; that can aid in your prosperous journey to your divine birthright. Tigers Eye, Pyrite, and Citrine have been added to amplify your manifestation abilities. Formulated with Herbs, Crystals, and a Feng-shui coin, this candle will offer you divine alignment for prosperity and abundance and all that comes with it.


Candle has a slow burn and should be lit in an open area. Please keep away from children and pets.


**THIS ITEM WORKS AS YOU WORK: My money alignment collection is as potent as your intention, work, and allowance. Magic is within you, my products help make that magic tangible. ALL SALES FINAL**

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