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When you think of the process of becoming a butterfly, the caterpillar has its ideals of the world.

It knows its place and has created a sense of reality for itself. Not always easy, but it manages.

Then, out of nowhere, it goes into a cocoon. It doesn’t understand why it has to isolate itself. It doesn’t understand why things feel tight and constricting. Why it feels like everything is being flipped upside down.

The butterfly emerging is trying to convince the cocoon that the old way of thinking is gone. That life as it’s known has and needs to change for the better.


 The caterpillar has a hard time so it resists but realizes the cocoon remains. As soon as the caterpillar realizes it, and goes with the flow of the universe, it will soar like a beautiful butterfly.


I say all of that to say, it’s ok to be in your caterpillar phase and it’s ok to be in your cocoon. Just know that you need to give yourself time to soar. I welcome you to your cocoon. This is where you create the best version of yourself. Prepare your wings for flight. This course will not be the end-all, be-all of self-love courses, but these methods are what worked for me and I am so happy and proud to bring them to you!