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Updated: May 28, 2020

Take a moment to dive into the intentions set by the things you align yourself to.

Madame Google defines “intention” as a thing intended; an aim or plan. When we think of the word “intention”, it feels like it’s more about what we hope to get out of something. What’s the benefit? What’s in it for me? For my products and services, I’d like to think that your intentions are more about what you wish to align yourself to. What you’d like Spirit to place in your path. Let’s take a look at the intentions for the items I offer and see what works for you!

I’d like to think that your intentions are more about what you wish to align yourself to.


Love is such a power thing. It is all encompassing and has the strength to move mountains. Forged with kunzite, opalite, clear quartz and more, this mixture is made to help with love of all kinds, with an emphasis on self-love. Self-love is the foundation to alignment for everything we want and do. Every decision we make is filtered through the amount of self love we have for the given situation. While the heart chakra gets a heavy boost, the crown and sacral chakras also get a jolt.


This mix is designed to raise the vibrations of your third and crown chakra. It is crafted to help elevate your awareness, be present, and trust your instincts. Featuring super 7 cacoxenite, lapis lazuli, labradorite, and more, this is a high vibrating collaboration of crystals to enhance your inner vision.


Abundance comes in many forms; you can have an abundance of love, health, romantic partners, etc. This mix is for those who seek financial abundance and generational wealth building. A dance of garnet, citrine, tiger’s eye , clear quartz and more can be found to help align you to prosperity and a better relationship with money. This mix is also a great heart and root chakra boost.


Ultimate alignment starts with a strong foundation. This mix of tiger’s eye, black tourmaline, howlite, mookaite, and more is made to help plant your feet and give you a strong protective barrier. Perfect for root chakra work, these crystals are combined to help you focus on your path and not on what doesn’t serve you.

Chakra Clearing

This is a blend of stones that help raise the collective vibrations of all seven chakras. These crystals work together to align you from the root to crown and brings a sense of peace. Amethyst, sodalite, carnelian, aventurine, clear quartz, and more can be found in this melody of crystals.

Sugar Baby

Sugar Baby is a crystal mix cultivated to bring out the beauty within. Divinely feminine and full of ethereal power, this mix heightens the third eye, broadens the heart through love and healing, while aligning your chakras through grounding and sexual liberation. A magnet for prosperity, Sugar Baby is the perfect mix for those who have the entrepreneurial spirit. Those seeking more self-love will also find the calming effects of the colors and energy of Sugar Baby to work well for them. Crafted with blue goldstone, rose quartz, blue jasper, amethyst, and lots more, this is not your typical mix of stones. The divinity within this celebration of feminine energy comes with a hint of glamour to boost confidence and electrify your self esteem.


This mix is to give you a boost when looking to give birth. Whether it’s for ideas, a family, or even give birth to a new you, this mix enhances your sacral chakra and aligns you to better opportunities to give birth to what compels you. Cultivated with carnelian, rose quartz, aquamarine, and more, this mix is a wonderful blend of love, peace, and joy to put you in a better place to receive the conception of what you hope for.

Shadow Work

This mix is to help you along your journey through shadow work Shadow work is defined as the process of exploring your inner darkness your "shadow self". Most commonly looked at as the part of you that are hidden and pushed away. With obsidian, labradorite, smokey quartz and more, this mix works with the solar plexus, heart, and root chakras to help you heal and shed light on the darkness.

River Rocks

River rocks promotes your trust in the flow of Spirit. As water flows through the rocks, so does spirit flow through you, bringing prosperity with it. As they are close connection to water, river stones stimulate wealth. It can bring many positive changes such as protection, practicality, softens stubbornness and balances our bodily energy when applied correctly. Also, it aids in confidence, draws people and material possessions to the wearer. All of my products are perfect for rituals, altars, home decor, and so much more.

*DISCLAIMER*: My products work as you work. The more you align with these intentions, the more they work to help you. You are your own magic first. My products are tools to enhance the magic within you. There are no guarantees with anything.

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