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As a spiritualist of over 3 years I have grown to love, appreciate, and admire the art of divination through cartomancy. As a collector, I own over 170 decks of all kinds. As my collection grew, I decided to not only review these decks on Youtube for others to enjoy, but also provide collective readings to share messages from Spirit. It is through these messages that I began to understand my gift for money magic and money messages. I started providing weekly money advice through divination using decks I'd reviewed previously and realized that I needed a deck devoted to money to really drive the message home. After hours of research, I found nearly nothing that accommodated what I wanted therefore the spark for Secure the Bag was born.  This deck is labor of love through downloads, signs, and meditation from Spirit on what messages needed to be conveyed and how to align anyone to a better relationship with not only money, but a better relationship with self.  
After researching card types and getting a feel for what I already own, I felt these specs would work for this type of deck. I wanted to make sure that the message was louder than the frills. 
These cards can bet shuffled and used all at once; however, there are three different types of cards included. Actions cards to give you something to work on, affirmation cards to give you something to spiritually focus on, and crystal cards to give you something tangible to tap into. While they are great as a stand-alone deck for quick answers, they are best used to clarify and enhance tarot and other oracle cards. Great for all skill types as well. 
• Sized at standard 2.75x4.75 
• 310 GSM 
• Organza Bag 
• 25 action cards 
• 10 affirmation cards 
• 10 crystal cards 
• Guide card
**THIS ITEM WORKS AS YOU WORK: My money alignment collection is as potent as your intention, work, and allowance. Magic is within you, my products help make that magic tangible. ALL SALES FINAL**

Secure The Bag: Modern Money Oracle Deck

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