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A Passionate Journey of The Beauty Within

When you find the beauty inside, passion grows like wildflowers.

Most times, when we look in the mirror, it's to check for imperfections. Is my hair out of place? Food stuck in my teeth? Has my body changed? We don't take enough time to revel in the beauty we see. The twinkle in your eyes, the beauty in your lips, or the way your legs go on for days. Even if those things don't apply, there is true beauty in every facet of you.

It's true when they say that self-love is the foundation of true happiness. It creates an energy from the heart space that aligns to all you desire. The fuel that generates from loving yourself wholly ignites a passion that is often manifested into purpose.

It wasn't until I accepted my body for what it was in that present moment that I could align myself to a mindset of purpose to make the changes I wanted to make. It's when we love ourselves in the present that makes the difference in making real, fulfilling changes for the future.

Loving yourself wholly is still a very radical idea in 2020. So be the change you want to see. Step up and dare to love yourself physically, mentally, spiritually... completely. Let that grounded, powerful energy radiate and spread to others. Be a passionately, perfectly beautiful being.


Decks Used:

This May Hurt Tarot by Isabella Rotman

Shine From the Inside Oracle by Brittney Carmichael

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